Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Next month we will be changing two of our play areas into a grocery store and an ice cream shop. If you have any empty ice cream containers, ice cream scoops, empty food containers, paper or eco-friendly grocery store bags, coupons, or pumpkins that you would not mind allowing the class to use, please feel free to donate them.

Save the Date

12th Columbus Day
13th Student Holiday
29th Fall Festival
30th Crazy Hair Day


September 22nd was the first day of Fall, and with it the cool weather is coming. Please keep this in mind, don't forget to pack a jacket as it is quite cool when we go outside at 9:20.
We will be out of school October 12th and 13th. If you need childcare on the 13th please let Ms. Wanda or Ms. Shirley as soon as possible. We will return back to school on October 14th.
Our Fall Festival is coming up on October 29th in the evening. We do ask that each family donate one two-liter soda and one bag of candy. We invite all to come and participate in the fun and games of the event. Costumes are optional to wear, we hope to see you there!