Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save the Date

August 20th – Picture Day

August 21st – Pre-K Orientation at 6:00pm

August 25th – Cookie Dough Fundraiser is Due

August 29th – Sports Day (dress to cheer on your favorite team!)


I know we have many things in our classroom to use and play with, but we could always use a few extra items here and there. If anyone could assist and donate any of the following materials it would be greatly appreciated; empty toilet paper rolls, empty paper towel roles, placemats, magazines, and empty film canisters.


Welcome to a brand new school year! Ms. Carolyn and I are very excited to have you all with us in our classroom this year. We look forward to many exciting days ahead of us and hope all of you do too! Remember, we do provide food, toys, and blankets so you can keep yours safe at home.