Thursday, September 6, 2007

Save the Date

September 9 is Grandparents Day, if there are any grandparents in the area that would like to volunteer in the classroom that Monday, please let Ms. Joe Ann or Ms. Megan know as soon as possible. Also, the week of October 8th will be Fall Break! Class will resume it's normal schedule on October 16th the following week. If you are in need of child care during that week, please let Ms. Wanda or Ms. Shirley know immediately as daycare slots fill quickly for school breaks.


We understand that many of us wish that our children reflect positively in the way that we dress them, but please understand that it is important in the prevention of bathroom emergencies that your child be dressed in clothing that he/she can easily get in and out of for restroom purposes. We implore that you keep this in mind when dressing your child for school.