Tuesday, April 14, 2009

End of the Year

With each passing day we are getting closer to the end of Pre-K and the beginning of kindergarten! We will be having a celebration on our last day of school; our theme is Happily Ever After Pre-K. For our fairy tale party, we ask that the boys come that day in white button-up shirts with black slacks, and the girls to come in a pastel, single-colored summer dress. We will provide the rest, we have had a wonderful year and look forward to sending it off with fun!

Volunteers & Photographers

For all who have signed up to assist Field Day as a volunteer or a photographer, we will be having a short meeting on Thursday, April 23rd to discuss and prepare for the following day. The meeting will be at 2:45 and will be brief. If you cannot make the meeting, please let Ms. Megan or Ms. Carolyn know so that we may fill you in. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

Field Day

We have a signup sheet posted at the class entrance for all willing to help with our Field Day on April 24th. Please make sure you have brought a plain white t-shirt to school for Field Day by April 21st. Thank you!
Monday Career Day
Tuesday Field Trip to Fire Station
Wednesday Earth Day
Thursday EDIMGIAFAD Celebration
Friday Field Day

Field Trips

We will be going on a field trip April 21st to the Fire Station in Centerville on Osigian Blvd. We need all students who will be participating in the smoke house portion of the field trip to have filled out their permission forms. Students wearing flip-flops, dresses, skirts, or sandals will not be able to participate in the smoke house tour for safety reasons.