Monday, March 8, 2010


Next month we will be changing two of our areas in our classroom into a Flower Shop and a Bakery. If you have any measuring cups, whisks, cupcake liner, and seeds that you would care to donate, please place them in the Pre-K donation bucket. Thank you!

Save the Date

5th Hat Day
10th Show and Tell
16th Picture Day (no green!)
17th St. Patrick's Day (wear green!)
26th Egg Hunt


March 2nd is the birthday of Dr. Seuss; to celebrate we will have a Hat Day on March 5th. Pack a hat to wear all day.

March 10th we will be having Show and Tell, please reference the Parent Handbook section on Toys.

March 16th is Picture Day; we will be taking our class pictures on this day as well.

March 26th we will be having an egg hunt, keep your eyes open for further details!

Spring Break begins at the end of the month, let Ms. Wanda or Ms. Shirley know as soon as possible if you need childcare during this time.